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Confi-Chek will be shutting down on March 17, 2017. We are converting to our new website Enformion. Please contact us at 855-281-3915 to create a new account with Enformion.
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  Questions & Answers

Who can use the service?
Access to Confi-Chek online is restricted to information professionals who must qualify for the service.

Do I have to sign a contract?
The only contract you sign is the Subscriber Agreement which governs the use of Confi-Chek Online. There are no minimum usage or monthly account fees and your account may be closed at any time.

Is there a preset spending limit on accounts?
Yes, this limit is $2,500.00



How will I be charged?
Confi-Chek Online is a transaction based service with no hidden fees - you pay only for what you order with prices clearly denoted online. Billing is conveniently broken down by reference codes which you supply at the time of the search, allowing easy job-cost tracking.

Can I fax my orders?
Yes. Confi-Chek realizes that some customers may prefer to fax a request.