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Confi-Chek will be shutting down on March 17, 2017. We are converting to our new website Enformion. Please contact us at 855-281-3915 to create a new account with Enformion.
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Our products and services. Thank you for choosing Confi-Chek
Confi-Chek is a closed network site, meaning that only certain industries have access to our data and only for legitimately recognized business.

Some commonly recognized businesses include:

* Lawyers
* Insurance Agencies
* Collections
* Banks/Credit Unions
* Law Enforcement
* Investigators

Please download, fill out and sign the Confi-Chek user agreement. Fax the completed agreement to 1.800.758.5859. Most applications are approved within 1 working day.

User Agreement [Adobe Acrobat .pdf]
Security Access Requirements [Adobe Acrobat .pdf]

Note: The security access requirements form is neccessary only if you need to access use source 2 or source 3 credit header data. The form must be notarized and hard copies must be mailed to:

Header Compliance
1915 21st Street
Sacramento, California 95811
United States

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can easily download it for free by browsing to

Download Adobe Acrobat